Estate Planning Options

Do I Need Estate Planning?

Estate planning is essential to plan for the disposal of an estate, wills, trusts, assets protection and power of attorney. The estate planners devise an estate plan to ensure descendants every wish is carried out, and loved ones are taken care off well. 

  • An estate plan protects your assets during your life, and when you’re gone. There are various complications in everyone’s estate, family situation, and trusts. 
  • Estate planning attorney specializes in taking the best decision for living trusts, developing a plan to lessen estate taxes, and every legal issue.
  • Estate planning attorney ensures your beneficiaries’ take creditors after death and your assets are transferred foreseeing the laws.
  • The estate planning attorney administers a deceased person’s estate and ensures everything in the probate is followed.

The probate court validates and approves a person’s will foreseeing the rules. If required, the will is enforced in a court-of-law. Estate planning lawyer provides guidance throughout the property dispute in agreement with the state law and will of the decedent. They look at the legal and financial aspects of estate planning. Estate planning attorney makes sure when you are disabled, your loved ones are provided well and don’t face any financial issues. The estate planning attorney in Wisconsin creates a will or sets up a trust, drafts the necessary documents to lay the legal groundwork for the estate plan to avoid the costly and time-consuming probate process.

Role of a real estate attorney 

Real estate lawyer deals with residential and commercial real estate, commercial leasing, tenants and neighbors and private property ownership with legal issues. Real estate attorney defends the rights of owners, landlords, and tenants to avoid any financial loss. With the years of study and practice, real estate attorney has specialized in land use, property development, and foreclosure. The primary responsibility of the real estate lawyer is the transfer of real estate property, including purchase and sale.

Real estate lawyer provides guidance throughout the property dispute in agreement with the state law and will of the decedent. A real estate attorney is highly-sought-after attending a prestigious law school and clearing the bar exam for practicing.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law identifies three types of property.

  • The personal property comprises of moveable items, such as furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Intangible property refers to ownership of the property that does not have a physical existence but is represented by a physical item like a stock certificate.
  • Real estate includes land, buildings, and other structures permanently attached to the land. “Real property” is the term used to refer to land without structures.

Generally, there is real estate lawyer to help businesses acquire, sell, or lease a large scale property. Real estate lawyers help the tenants or homeowner struggling through transactions or foreclosure defense. Business real estate attorney helps the owners in property acquisitions, sales, leasing, and development. Consumer real estate attorney helps the end-users of various types of real properties to end the disputes.

The first step is to sit down for a complementary consultation to discuss your particular goals, situations and then be educated as to the various options you have to accomplish and ensure that your goals are met.


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