Will is an estate planning legal document allowing a testator to designate or distribute the property upon their death. The document includes real and estate property with special instructions for the care of your minor children. In case something happens to you, a will declares the division of your possessions.

Why Should You Hire A Will Attorney?

It is best to get a will written from an experienced will attorney. Since wills state laws vary and missing  something becomes an issue amongst heirs and creditors. Hiring a will attorney avoids pitfalls and oversights after you’re gone. The farsighted will attorney makes a dated will to lessen the confusion with at least two or more competent witnesses. You do not need to be too old for writing a will. It is good to have a will to avoid your possessions fall into probate court to resolve claims, and disposes of without considering your wish.

Will is the most common estate planning instrument that sets forth the property inherited by your loved ones. Additionally, they take care of the funeral arrangements to be made at the time of death. Every will goes a lengthy and expensive process of probate that results in a considerable delay in the distribution of assets.

When there is no will or other testamentary instrument, the state distributes an individual’s estate in the surviving spouse, parents or siblings according to the laws of intestacy.

A Will is valid if

  • The testator signs it
  • Written in front of at least two competent witnesses
  • Meets the testator capacity- above the age of 18

Will Law

Different states have unique will laws; will attorney has comprehensive knowledge about estate planning attorney and the preparation of wills. Will attorneys are aware of the state and federal laws governing inheritance. Hire a will attorney who knows the formal requirements of wills in your state, containing format, language, witnesses, signatures, or other laws to ensure a will is enforceable by law.

Wills attorneys are best to avoid probate court. Wills are inexpensive to set up initially. However, all assets passing through the Will goes through the probate process. The probate process in the State of Wisconsin usually takes 10 to 13 months and typically costs 3% to 5% of the gross value of assets.  Therefore, a Will is often a costly option for the administration of the estate. 

Our will attorneys provide many alternatives in the State of Wisconsin to pass assets to beneficiaries and bypass the delay and expenses associated with the probate process.  However, in certain circumstances, a Will may be the simplest and easiest tool to use.  A free consultation can assist you in making the right decision.



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