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What happens to your Assets if you die without a will
What happens to your Assets if you die without a will?
You work hard your whole life saving and investing to have a great retirement.  If you were not able to spend all your money before your death, you want to make sure those hard-earned assets are passed to intended family members and/or friends.  Without a Will, your assets could be left to your State of domicile. When a person dies without a Will attorney it is called intestate. Your property will pass through the probate process and the courts will...

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The Importance of an Attorney to Protect Your Assets
Asset protection is a strategy to keep your property safe from being taken by someone who it was not intended for to receive the assets. In order to successfully protect your assets, asset protection planning is essential even before a lawsuit initiates. A comprehensive asset protection plan integrates the goals of protecting both your short-term and long-term financial goals plus your estate planning goals. Actually, asset protection plans are a helpful forerunner for making a comprehensive estate plan. With my...

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