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How Can You Get Guardianship Of An Elderly Person?
Elderly conservatorship or elderly guardianship is a legal relationship formed when an individual is appointed by the court to care for an elderly person who is not in a state to take care of himself or herself. There are some duties and responsibilities of the appointed guardian to the elderly person.  Why An Elder Need A Guardian? An elderly person may become unable to take care of himself, for example, he might lose the ability to remember to take required medications,...

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Things You Need To Know About Legal Guardianship
One of the parent’s greatest fears is they won’t be able to take care of their children. Guardianship laws vary from state to state and I am well versed in guardianship law. What Do You Mean By a Legal Guardianship? Legal guardianship is a status that enables a person to act on behalf of a minor until the time legal adulthood is reached. A number of states have laws which name the parents of a minor as legal guardian of the...

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Is Guardianship Necessary For Disabled Person?
There is an extensive range of opinions with regards to guardianship for incapacitated adults. While a majority of people identify how essential it is that minors and physically challenged persons have somebody in place for representing their interests, there are numerous people who see these guardianships not a perfect solution for the adults who are disabled because of an illness or injury. The reality is that having guardianship plan in place is necessary for a disabled person if he...

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