Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

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It is troublesome, for a significant number of us, to hand over our parents and grandparents to others. Among work and raising your children, it is difficult to maintain a balance of everyone’s needs. Further, a large number of us don’t have the required space. When we entrust a long-term care facility with the well-being and prosperity of our loved ones, we expect proper care. Nursing home abuse is appallingly common and may appear as emotional, physical and/or financial abuse. This abuse is demoralizing not only for the individuals but for those who love them.

What Exactly Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse is something that the elderly people face daily.  For this reason, people seek an attorney who can step in and put a stop to it.

Some of the nursing home abuses are:

Physical Abuse: This type of abuse is comprises of shoving, hitting, kicking, confining, forcefully restraining, and sexually abusing a victim.

Emotional Abuse: This type of abuse usually includes threatening, isolating, ridiculing, humiliating, and assigning blame to a victim.

Negligence: It is the active or passive failure to provide water, medication, clothing, food, and other items that are essential for the well-being and health of your loved one.

Financial Abuse: This involves pilfering cash, bank accounts, checks, credit cards, medicine especially pain medication and physical property of a victim.

One of the most common types of abuse that the elderly people suffer is negligence. As an Attorney, I understand that the number of patients in nursing homes being overlooked is at a steady increase.

I am familiar with such cases and can help you to recognize the signs of neglect or abuse.

Common Nursing Home Abuse Signs

To protect your loved one from being a victim, it is essential that you know the common warning signs, as these signs indicate that if an elder person is being neglected or abused in a nursing home. Whenever you visit the nursing home to visit with your loved one, you must keep a close watch on the following factors:

  • If you see constant bedsores, then this could mean that they are not taken care of as required. Some elderly people are not able to turn themselves over in bed. It’s the obligation of the nurse or aid to assist the elderly in order to help protect the person from bedsores.
  • It could be another patient who doesn’t know any better, yet it is the responsibility of the nursing home to protect the elderly person and their personal belongings.
  • When the elderly (senior) individual has a sudden weight decrease with no formative reason and they are not restoring any weight back, this may imply that they are being properly fed. 

End Words

Families play a pivotal role when preventing elder abuse. It is difficult to take care of an elderly person who typically has different needs. Also, numerous elderly people can’t monitor themselves and some are unable to relay to you when they are being abused or disregarded.

There are many different signs that indicate your family member is being abused while he or she is staying in a nursing home. If you suspect abuse, call our office or a well-respected life care planning firm Senior Planning Group. Our number is 262 812-6262. Senior Planning group is 262 970-8888.

Nursing Home Abuse
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Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home abuse is something that the elderly people face daily.  For this reason, people seek an attorney who can step in and put a stop to it.
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