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Legal Competency: When Is It Too Late to Create a Will, Trust or POA?
In elder law, I am frequently advising adult children who suddenly find themselves in a place where they need to help an aging parent. When parents end up falling behind on medical bills, or their decision making isn’t what it once was, as it pertains to their medical care, the topic of transitioning control over their personal affairs can be challenging. Unfortunately, signing a power of attorney (POA) over to their children can be seen as a loss of...

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Elder Law Attorneys
Elder law attorneys define their practice by the type of people they help. Like Aging Life Care Professionals, they help families to maximize the independence and quality of life of elderly people. I can help families accomplish this while best utilizing and protecting life savings. They make sure that the elderly receive whatever help or care they may need in ways that best employ family and government resources. Working with me as your Elder Law attorney offers the family and...

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