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Important Questions That Your Attorney Will Ask You before Drafting Your Will
Planning your estate can be stressful for many people, but it doesn’t have to be when you take the services of an experienced estate planning attorney. It helps in making the process easy and providing peace of mind. There is no doubt that planning your estate distribution can be a difficult task. Many things must be considered such as taxes, family dynamics, protection of assets from creditors, nursing homes, etc. What Do You Wish To Achieve With A Will? An experienced estate...

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Legal Competency: When Is It Too Late to Create a Will, Trust or POA?
In elder law, I am frequently advising adult children who suddenly find themselves in a place where they need to help an aging parent. When parents end up falling behind on medical bills, or their decision making isn’t what it once was, as it pertains to their medical care, the topic of transitioning control over their personal affairs can be challenging. Unfortunately, signing a power of attorney (POA) over to their children can be seen as a loss of...

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Preserve Your Wealth with Estate Planning Services
Estate planning is one of the most important legal services and is a fundamental tool that ensures your entire family will be well taken care of after your passing. People assume that estate planning is meant only for the wealthy.  In reality, it is the concern of everyone. We all want our finances to remain in order and proper care given to our loved ones.  Together, you and I can develop a valuable estate plan to assure your goals are...

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Help Aging Parents - elderlawcenterofwisconsin
Help Aging Parents
Our ability to deal with complex tasks diminishes as we get older.  It’s important to start talking with your parents about managing money while they are still able to make solid financial decisions.  You could approach the topic by telling your parents that you have started discussing your financial and retirement plans with your own children or someone you trust.  Ask your parent if they have prepared estate planning documents, started an asset protection plan for their hard earned money,...

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