Preserve Your Wealth with Estate Planning Services

Preserve Your Wealth with Estate Planning Services

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Estate planning is one of the most important legal services and is a fundamental tool that ensures your entire family will be well taken care of after your passing. People assume that estate planning is meant only for the wealthy.  In reality, it is the concern of everyone.

We all want our finances to remain in order and proper care given to our loved ones.  Together, you and I can develop a valuable estate plan to assure your goals are accomplished. I provide estate planning services and wealth preservation resources to my clients. No matter how complex or simple your estate planning needs are, I can help you.

The following are just a few Estate Planning options that I can help you with:

  • Trusts

When you have accumulated assets that you might want to pass on to your heirs, a trust may be the proper way to move forward. A trust can be used by many people as it is an amazing option to retain control over your estate and bypass the expense and delay of probate. Also, the trust may include protection of your assets from creditors and divorce for your beneficiaries, allow a disabled heir to inherit without losing their government benefits, remarriage protection, ability to minimize taxes on IRAs/401ks, ability to hold out of state real estate and many other benefits.

I can help you select the best type of trust for you and/or your loved ones.

  • Durable Power of Attorney

Another concern that everyone thinks about is becoming incapacitated because of an accident or illness. Should this happen, you would be able to take comfort knowing that someone you chose is accountable for taking care of your financial obligations. Assigning power of attorney to someone whom you completely trust will permit the designated individual to move forward with your plans and keep your estate on course.

A power of attorney gives you peace of mind that your assets can be effectively managed and or protected should you become disabled.

  • Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is important because there is a significant likelihood you will long-term care if you live long enough.

As an attorney, I can provide services to clients of all ages, ensuring that you or your loved one are prepared.

  • Special Needs Planning

With professional special needs planning, you can feel comfortable that the money set aside for your loved one will remain protected, as well as not hinder their ability to receive other types of assistance.

The main areas of attention while setting up a special needs trust are:

  • Who will be a suitable guardian for your loved one?
  • Who will be an appropriate Trustee to handle trust finances?
  • Frame the details about housing, education, emotional and personal needs

I have helped many families in Wisconsin to build special needs plans geared to provide the best financial and legal security possible.

  • Simple Other Estate Planning Tools

There are several other legal tools available to Wisconsin residents that may work very well for your estate. These tools can be relatively inexpensive and save the beneficiaries thousands in court and attorney fees, protect your residence from nursing home expenses, allow your beneficiaries to avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets and much more.

End Words

Being an estate and elder law attorney, I can provide you with valuable knowledge and assistance with creating a comprehensive estate plan. I will educate you about all your legal options and the exact costs of each. There is NO charge for this education. Call our office for a complimentary appointment.

Preserve Your Wealth with Estate Planning Services
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Preserve Your Wealth with Estate Planning Services
We provide estate planning services and wealth preservation resources to our clients. No matter how complex or simple your estate planning needs are, we can help you.
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Elder Law Center of Wisconsin
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