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What are the Steps Involved with the Probate Process?
Probate is the process involved in passing a deceased person’s property to their heirs or beneficiaries named in the decedent’s will.  The court process differs from state to state.  Generally, the following steps are included: Filing the will and petition with the probate court appointing an executor or personal representative. You will need to find out everything the deceased owned so you can file an Inventory (list) with the court. Any bills or bequests should be paid from a...

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Elder Law Attorneys
Elder law attorneys define their practice by the type of people they help. Like Aging Life Care Professionals, they help families to maximize the independence and quality of life of elderly people. I can help families accomplish this while best utilizing and protecting life savings. They make sure that the elderly receive whatever help or care they may need in ways that best employ family and government resources. Working with me as your Elder Law attorney offers the family and...

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The Importance of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney for Probate
An Elder Law Attorney helps the executor of the estate manage the probate process. In other words, I help deal with the legal issues as they arise after an individual passes. An Elder Law Attorney can help to minimize family conflicts Probate can be a period of major clashes in families, particularly when the terms of a Will are less favourable than one or more beneficiaries may wish. I can decrease these pressures and make a smoother probate process for everyone...

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